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My job as a communications agent is to help you find all available connectivity options based on your location(s), required bandwidth, uptime requirements, and budget. We have a fiber-first approach, but without cost-effective fiber, we’ll help you find the right solution with the right provider through our extensive master agent agreements. 

I don’t just look at your Internet access speeds or your current phone services and put you into a bucket. I work to understand how my customers really use their voice and data connections, how my customer’s clients and staff use their phones, network, and data, what tools they use to collaborate, and whether their data is secure. I look at the whole picture—none of these components stand alone. They all interact and have a bearing on making your business more efficient. This is where my value shines.


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Connectivity Solutions

• Access to Numerous Vendors
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• Fiber Information Access
• Voice Services

Security Solutions​

• Network Security
• Video Security
• Physical Security
• Surveillance

Customer Support

• Solutions in Budget
• Troubleshooting
• Installation
• Technical Support Calls
• Billing & Billing-Related Questions

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